02-2010 Operational Update

1 04 2010

Feeding malnourished children – one of MYCR’s mission goals.

Operations Report from February 2010

The link above opens the full .pdf file of MYCR’s report.  Click to read descriptions of the amazing work that the MYCR team has been undertaking, and to see pictures of the MYCR children and volunteers!

Here is an excerpt:

With an amount of $ 1500 sent for MYCR by Lauren Sherman to facilitate contacts with MYCR clients/children in 4 communities out of 10 local communities, the MYCR Volunteer team was able to do the following activities:

  1. Revive MYCR operations in four communities: Kamayama, Kaningo, Pentagon and Mamaka Village.
  2. Hold discussions with parents and community leaders in the different communities.
  3. Gather children, raise sensitization and awareness, re-identify orphans, underprivileged children and the general disadvantaged/ street children.
  4. Feed children (refreshment) and build confidence: some  psychosocial recovery therapy was done.

Dominic with Hawanatu, who MYCR will help access medication for her severely abscessed eye




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