A Letter from Dominic – request for funds to pay for an urgent eye operation

14 04 2010

A brief introduction:
Of the $830 required, $500 has already been donated. Only $330 is still needed to pay for Hawanatu’s surgery. Donations can be made by bank transfer (6 days) or by Western Union (2 days) and the information is at the end of this letter.
To see pictures of Hawanatu, and to find out more about her condition, please click here:
Hawanatu Kamara

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to send you this Note from the Movement for youth and Children’s Rights MYCR Sierra Leone to kindly request your support on our URGENT exclusive project with a girl child suffering from a bulging eye since age five.

Hawanatu Kamara lives in a small village about 100 miles from the city Freetown. Hawanatu had a bad eye since age five. Unfortunately, the parents cannot afford to take her to hospital for treatment, as a result she has been treated with harsh native herbs which undoubtedly have led to the present state of her eye. Hawanatu’s case is an exclusive Project which will be used as pilot project. Shall MYCR continue with similar projects? It depends on the absolute outcome of this project. MYCR is attempting this project based on its urgency and humanitarian grounds.

In order to help Hawanatu Kamara with her eye problem, she must be moved from her village to Freetown (100 miles). Mother would have to travel with her to the city and field Officer of MYCR shall facilitate that. It will require the acknowledgment of the village community leaders, this is to avoid alarming issues of child trafficking and this is more the reason why the mother has to travel with Hawanatu Kamara to Freetown.

A feasibility search on an eye Clinic in Freetown and other expenditure is given below:

a. Surgical Operation – $ 450
b. Admission for 10 days – $100
c. Transport for two to Freetown and back to village – $ 40
d. Medication – $ 200
e. Subsequent visits for check up (Transport) – $ 40
Total – $ 830

On the amount stated above, MYCR Sierra Leone has received from Mark McKinney and his wife Nancy the sum of $500 to execute this exclusive project of Hawanatu. We say a big thanks to them for their compassionate support to this needy child. We need your support in order to pursue this project of Hawanatu Kamara. Your generous contribution will save Hawanatu’s life.

Please find attached a report on Hawanatu’s condition:
Hawanatu Kamara

Thank you in advance for supporting Hawanatu’s Case

Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience

Dominic M. Macavoray
Founder and National Coordinator
Movement for youth and Children Rights (MYCR)
Clarity + Peace + Connection + Development = SOCIAL UNITY
Mailing Address:
3 Access Road off Decker Lane
Grass-field Barbodorie Lumley
Freetown – Sierra Leone
C: +232 78 48 54 95 +232 78 48 54 95 +232 78 48 54 95 +232 78 48 54 95
E: mycr_sl@yahoo.com , dominicmacavoray@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.hopesierraleone.wordpress.com

How to donate:
For Western Union – one can just look out for any Western Union outlet and can google online and tranfer donation directly to me with the following details – Senders name, Address, Amount and Code ——- TO DOMINIC M. MACAVORAY – Movement for youth and Children’s Rights Sierra Leone – 3 Freetown Road Lumley. After sending this donation, one can send us the tranfers code for us to present when collecting the fund from Westen Union here in Freetown and I can send you back by scan receipt of your donations

Bank Transfer
Beneficiary: Movement for youth and Children’s Right – (MYCR)
Beneficiary Address: 14 Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Beneficiary Bank: Pro-credit Bank– Sierra Leone
Address: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Beneficiary account #: 900300048790222





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