Hawanatu’s eye surgery complete!

1 06 2010

Hawanatu finally had her surgery last week after a long path of following and completing numerous paperwork trails. The result was a huge gift to Hawanatu in many ways. The rotting right eye was removed and she will be given a false eye this coming week. Her left eye was able to be saved with a good prognosis of stopping of slowing greatly further damage. She has some sight out of this eye, enough to walk around by day, yet she is technically blind. One of the greatest gifts, in my opinion, from the gift you gave her is that after all of the paperwork and hoops that were jumped through, a young lady who has never gone to school is going to be able to go to school and will be funded through her high school education! She will be going to an internationally supported blind school. As well, the surgery was free and after expense from what was raised there is $420 remaining after travel and food expenses. What I am suggesting we do with these funds is reserve this for educational supplies for Hawanatu. Please let me know if you agree with this, if you do not agree with this, or if you have another suggestion.

Thank you for your generous support of Hawanatu.




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