Operational report from April, May and June 2010

15 07 2010

Dominic has just sent out the Operational Report for April-May-June.  (Please click on “April-May-June” to open the report.)  MYCR is doing some amazing work as usual; if you open the PDF you can see descriptions and photos of all activities.  Here is Dominic’s note:

Please share with us your ideas, suggestions and recommendations, as this helps us evaluate our initiative for youth and Children in Sierra Leone.

I am certain most of you know that MYCR Sierra Leone presently operates with funds provided for the Internet café Project.  We are looking for possible connections, donations and kind support in order to continue the HOPE projects and  our investment in the children of Sierra Leone. MYCR Sierra Leone believes that your donation and support of these children is not only charitable but really an investment, because our vision is that by 2030 the children supported today will be graduating from Universities and moving into the world as peacemakers and patriotic citizens.

,,,,,,,the harvest is plenty but the labourals are few,,,,,,, please contribute in making the world a better place.




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