RTC Course in London – Dominic requests funds to attend

20 07 2010

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to share with you the Peacebuilding: strengthening organizational policy and practice course which I am looking forward to attend in Birmingham in the United Kingdom.  It is organized by the Responding to Conflict Institution in the UK.

The Peacebuilding: Strengthening Organisational Policy & Practice course would enable me to deepen my understanding of peacebuilding, to explore the relationship between policy and practice in situations of instability, the relationship between conflict and human rights, and to develop policies for appropriate responses in complex political situations.

Friends who have attended this training have found it to significantly improve their capacity to contribute to their work in activism.  I am hoping to attend this course as it will help me and the MYCR organization.

I applied and requested a grant to this course.  I was interviewed via Skype and was selected amongst the many applicants but I was told that the institution does not have available funds to support my application to this course.

However, I am looking for possible support to enable me to attend this course in the UK come November.

Please click to open the UK Letter of Support from the RTC, detailing my application status and the funds necessary for me to attend, and do contact them if you need further information regarding acceptance to the course and charges incurred.

I am confident that the more I am equipped/empowered, the more I can deliver best what is expected of me to the People of Sierra Leone and the world.

My deepest appreciation in advance for supporting






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