MYCR Community Project officer Lois Decker working with children in the Tonkolili District

Donations will be used for the trauma recovery, education, job training programs, and basic living needs of the children & youth in most difficult communites in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia.  Since our operation is based on volunteer work, donations will not be spent on administration, but will go directly to helping needy children.  Donations are tax-deductible, our US Tax identification number is: EIN 27-1460283.

For donational in US Please contact:                              Clare L.Maxwell 

For Donation in Canada please contact:                      Ibraham Mansaray

For donation in Ghana please contact:                         Justice Ayiah

For donation in Sierra Leone please contact:            Samuel Ngawai

For donation in Liberia please contact:                        Isha Massaquoi



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