Organisation skills & Leadership trainings for Coordinators

29 06 2013

Isha Massaquoi – Organising Coordinator – MYCRO Liberia is presently in South Korea on a year long intentive training on young leadership course supported by the MYCRO Liberia and Ghant
College student support initiative.


Child Campaign on Peaceful Election in Sierra Leone

21 07 2012

Click here (PDF) to read about the multitude of amazing activities that MYCR has been involved in and is planning.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Bit by Bit Moving Forward

22 05 2012

I am glad to announce that the Movement for Youth and Children’s Rights organisation has relocated its Sierra Leone country Office from 3 Freetown Road Lumley to 84 Pa-Demba Road Freetown.
Secondly the Movement for youth and Children’s Right is now in partnership with Thou Shall Eat in a call to Action child Campaign against Violent Elections in Sierra Leone.
We are also proud to announce that MYCR- Sierra Leone now operates in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia.
Many young people within the Africa diaspora are requesting to replicate this idea but not all will be consider right now, however we are thinking of reaching all over Africa and beyond.

October 2010 to July 2011 Operational Report

12 10 2011

Here is the operational report spanning October 2010 to July 2011.  MYCR has been busy with extended NVC trainings, expansion of the Cafe Project, and planning for the upcoming home-building project.

Click here to see the 2010-2011 Report (PDF).

As always, we are very interested in your comments, suggestions and other input.  Please email us at

News and updates

18 03 2011

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing fine.

I am writing to give you some updates about MYCR Sierra Leone, its projects, and fundraising strategies here in Sierra Leone and aboard.

The Café funding ended in January and left much of which to be proud. Now we have three café centers in Freetown and Bo, and we are still working hard to continue establishing more. Out of the money raised since February last year, we were able to pay our center rents and order computers in the three centers, and we are also using the funds to continue our charitable work for children and to pay stipends.

This year, we have started working with schools in Freetown and the surrounding districts to develop curriculum for Nonviolent Communication, reproductive health and life skills. We have sent a proposal to the UN office here in Sierra Leone to fund this project.

We are still working on how and when to start the Hope Project with the Mamaka People. They provided MYCR with a piece of land for this project. We have conducted other community meetings with parents and a new project name was suggested: Tackling Child Poverty through Supporting and Strengthening Families. Our present plan is to develop/raise funds and establish a MYCR micro-finance trust for them. I learned about micro-finance from an NGO in Uganda and Nigeria. With this project, we will give loans to single parents and underprivileged women, which they will repay at low interest rates. This will help them to better their situations and take care of their children.

The Agricultural Project is doing well; the crops harvested recently will be cultivated again. The people decided to undertake a big planting this season.

Hawanatu Kamara is doing fine, still studying at the Milton Margai School for the blind and spending holidays with Augusta and I. Her grand mum came to visit her recently.

I will be in Syracuse, New York from the 7th-11 of April 2011, I have been invited to attend the Empathic Therapy Education and living conference with Peter and Ginger and from there, I am hoping to meet Ada in Seattle to pursue the Batik Clothing Project. We have prepared Batik clothes with the MYCR logo on them and T-Shirts for sale. Ada is willing to help with selling them and I am hoping to send some of you these clothes, so you could support our children and youth by buying a single item or help spread the news to your networks.

Will keep you posted


Dominic & Team

September Operational Report

9 11 2010

Here is the operational report from September 2010, detailing, among other things, the expansion of the highly popular Internet Cafe Project, MYCR’s efforts to educate community members about children’s rights and nonviolent communication, the rural agricultural project now underway, and the upcoming MYCR 1st National Children’s Rights Conference, from 2-4 December 2010.

Click on this line to see the pdf of the September report, with pictures.

MYCR in the news!

3 09 2010

It is my pleasure to announce that MYCR has been featured in three separate articles in the Sierra Leonean news.  Full text articles are below; click on each page to see a bigger image.