Sierra Leone Project

FGM Activist ISATU BARRIE is on the move for her safety.

 I S 3The mission and objective of the Movement for youth and children’s right organisation is to advocate and protect children and youth from violation of their rights and education. As a founding member of MYCRO Organisation, ISATU BARRIE has served this noble institution with selfless services. Her commitment in abolishing FGM practice in Africa is over warming. Today you are nowhere to be found but we believe wherever you are God will protect you and your good work will pave way for you.

I S 2

Brief Background of Sierra Leone and MYCRO Problem Statement:

Sierra Leone is found in West Africa along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean with a population slightly above 5 million.
Sierra Leone had its independence from the British in April 1961. Since the departure of he British and the end of the colonial rule, Sierra Leone had survived through different Leaders who could not make a meaning development in the country, the nation remained charged by unpatriotic politicians, mass unemployment, poor judicial system, prolonged remand, large gap between the haves and the have nots, political infighting, high illiteracy rate etc These surmounted to the cause of the war which start in 1991 in the far east of the country.
The living slums of War Victims and their Families at Waterloo Village
The war by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) led by one retired sergeant Foday Sebana Sankoh gain momentum very easily. It became very brutal and savagery in mid 1990s when the rebels were advancing towards the capital city Freetown.
Hundreds of children were recruited into the RUF fighting force. Law and order was dismounted, schools were closed down, and education dwindled.
Many people lost their lives, so many were amputated and houses burnt down. School going age, boys and girls could not have access to school.
The war is now over, and it is about ten years now, yet the post war are a menace on the society, unemployment and poverty is on the increase. Children are born from very poor homes. They too cannot have access to education; poverty is now perpetuated in many families. Most stricken amongst these problems are: hunger, Poor educational facilities, clothing and poor environment sanitation.

Despite the enormous challenges facing young people (War Victims and Perpetrators) MYCR help them become productive in community development there by redressing the years of war, destructions into peace and community development

Some Recommendations:
It is very evident in Sierra Leone that many homes are starving, children are malnourished and they don’t go to school simply because their parents who are victims of the war are not empowered to care for their family.
It is my candid opinion that some intervention into the deplorable live of these War victims and their children be done with some urgency.
I suggest the following:
* Empowerment of these war victims (Parents)
* The children have to be properly cared for in the following ways:
1. Schooling
2. Feeding
3. Clothing
4. Proper Sheltering


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